Hiring a Minneapolis Handyman – Advice for Homeowners

Should I Hire a Handyman or Contractor? 

Handyman Services Minneapolis with tips on hiring a handyman:  What is the difference between a handyman and a contractor?  Cost is one.  A contractor’s fee to handle the homeowner’s to-do list is not cost effective.  A handyman, who makes a living performing various home repairs and remodeling projects, is often a better alternative.

Once the handyman is on site, moving from one small project to another is cheaper than having them come back two or three different times.  This is a good reason to have a list so that the handyman can handle everything efficiently.

American homeowners are busier than ever with little spare time to handle the simple home repairs and maintenance.  Jobs like this are perfect for your local handyman service.  With the boom in home remodeling, it can be difficult to find a contractor who has time to handle small jobs. And often a contractor’s fees to handle small projects can be prohibitive.

A handyman, who makes a living performing various home repairs and improvements, is a better alternative.  Here are some tips for choosing a handyman service:

Decide the project's scope
A handyman makes a living doing the small jobs which can be completed in one to three days. If the job is going to take more than a week, the homeowner may need to hire a specialized contractor.

For example, if you need new siding and windows you will need to hire a reliable contractor who specializes in this are.  But if you just need a new ceiling fan installed, window treatments or a shelf unit mounted, then a handyman service is your best bet.

How much does a handyman charge?
Like any contractor, a handyman should provide you with a free no obligation estimate before tackling a project.  A homeowner should never hire a handyman until knowing the cost of the project, including parts. Typically, most handyman services charge an hourly rate for labor.

How to find a quality handyman
Finding a handyman is much easier today with many advertising on the internet in your local Yellow pages or through coupon direct mailings.  Find a few that appear to suit your needs and then begin your research before deciding which one to call.

Check with the Better Business Bureau by calling or going online to see if there have been many consumer complaints about the Minneapolis handyman you are considering.  Check the status of their license by calling the appropriate authority in your state.

If all is good so far, the interview process is next.   Ask for references and call them to make sure the handyman did quality work and stood behind the guarantees.  

Very Important!  Make sure the handyman service you have working in your home is properly insured.  The homeowner could be liable for any damages or injuries while the handyman is working if he is not covered by worker’s compensation and liability insurance.

Working with a handyman service
Prepare your to-do list of all the home repairs and improvements that you need done.  Once the handyman is on site, moving from one small project to another is cheaper than having them come back two or three different times.

HandyPro Handyman Service specializes in helping residents and business owners with everything from small home repairs to home remodeling and additions, commercial building repair and maintenance, and service in over 1600 categories. 

HandyPro will send a local qualified handyman, licensed and insured, to provide an accurate upfront quote for services.  All HandyPro home repair contractors are background checked and drug screened to ensure the customer that they can be trusted with their home.  Professional workmanship according to the customer’s desires is the main focus of the local handyman who shows up on time, respects the customer’s home and provides superior service with close attention to detail.  Colin Dickey serves the Twin Cities area, Minneapolis, St. Paul and surrounding neighborhoods.